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Anxiety, depression, relationship issues, and other problems can be extremely distressing and can seriously disrupt your life. I help people with these issues become more self-assured, cope better, and enjoy a better quality of life.

I can help you change thoughts and behaviors that lead to having distressing feelings and symptoms. This will help you feel more in control of your feelings and your life.

As you start to feel better, you will be inspired to defeat your problems, and take charge of your life. With new tools at your disposal, you’ll be able to deal with future signs of returning symptoms.

I strive to provide therapy for these problems in an atmosphere that is active, warm, and nonjudgmental. Treatment is individualized, and goals are mutually established. We can work together to come to new understandings about your problems.

I see myself as your compassionate, professional ally to achieving your goals. Therapy is always confidential. Everyone is unique, and we will structure to your specific needs.

Call Ursula Jones at (518)324-4344 for more information, or to schedule an appointment. Services are covered by most insurance polices.


Ursula M. Jones
Therapist, LCSW-R

Clear View Wellness
5-2 Club Rd.
(entrance in back)
Plattsburgh, NY 12903

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Phone and fax: (518) 324-4344

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